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Heath Ledger Jokes

Posted by JoeWigger - September 8th, 2008

Heath Ledger Jokes! ~LOLERSKATES~
Some I compiled from the internet, most I made up myself. Try to keep an open mind, its just for fun.
(its not like I'm making fun of the Pope, he's just an actor who's drug problem got the best of him. Have a sense of humor! btw, I think he is an incredible actor, and its quite a shame he's dead)

-Because the dark knight was sold out everywhere, I had to find some way to go to it. Thankfully, the premiere showing had one spare ticket.

-What's black and white and hungry?
Heath Ledger's cat.

-Australian Actor Discovers Cure for Insomnia.

-There are rumors that Heath Ledger died in Mary-Kate Olson's apartment.
He didn't overdose on pills, he starved to death.

-Heath Ledger is to appear in the sequel to the film "Brokeback Mountain". It will be called "Brokeback Cemetery" and will focus on the lives of 2 gay necrophiliacs.

-After being declared "the best joker ever" by numerous critics, Jack Nicholson replied: "at least I'm not dead. LOLZ!!!!!11!!!"

-Many, many women think Heath Ledger is hot...
well he will be when he gets cremated.

-If you think most of these "jokes" are funny, you should kill yourself.
Just like Heath Ledger did.

-What's the worst thing about Heath Ledger's death?
He wasn't black.

-What's the difference between Neil Armstrong and Heath Ledger?
Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon... Heath Ledger is dead.

-They say he is a good actor but Heath Ledger's last performance was a little hard to swallow.

-Heath Ledger may have been much better looking than I am, but at least I'm not dead.

-Many people are grieving over Heath Ledger's death, but nobody seems to care about that black guy who now has a pencil stuck in his eye.

-How can Batman defeat the Joker?
With a handful of sleeping pills.

-Ladies everywhere have finally found out how to pick up heath ledger ..... with a stretcher.

-What did Heath Ledger say right before he died?
"How about a magic trick? I'm gonna make this bottle of pills...disappear!"

-The dark knight was the worst movie ever. The villain died before it even came out.

-This is why you don't go bragging about your apartment to Patrick Bateman.
Christian Bale is a method actor, too.

-Heath Ledger? More like Heath Deadger! (roflcopter)

-What's the difference between me and Heath Ledger?
I woke up Tuesday morning.

Come on guys, enough with the Heath Ledger jokes. Don't you think we're beating a dead horse?

Heath Ledger Jokes


There were actually some really fun ones there ;P

"This is why you don't go bragging about your apartment to Patrick Bateman.
Christian Bale is a method actor, too."